Abeille speech + Feeding Therapy offers a wide range of treatment and evaluation options for children with communication and feeding disorders

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Abeille Speech + Feeding therapy offers a wide range of evaluation services for children with suspected communication and feeding disorders. Early Intervention is key, and it is never too early to get an evaluation. these skills begin developing at birth. Don't wait, EVALUATE!

Not sure if your child could benefit from an evaluation? You might benefit from a short phone consultation to discuss your case!

Wondering if your child's communication is on track? not sure if your child is exhibiting signs of typical picky eating or if a true pediatric feeding disorder is present? having difficulty feeding your infant and suspect your baby might have a tongue or lip tie? is your baby having difficulty transitioning to solid foods? looking for feeding+ lactation support after coming home from the Nicu? is your tube fed child ready to start weaning? 


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+ breastfeeding support
+ bottle feeding 
+ feeding tube weaning 
+ oral/feeding aversion 
+ oral motor rehabilitation after tongue tie release

feeding + lacation

+ difficulty transitioning to solids 
+ oral aversion 
+ tube weaning
+ picky eating
+ tongue tie
+ food aversion

 feeding therapy

+ language delays
+ motor speech disorders
+ parent coaching
+ speech and language disorders associated with down syndrome
+ suspected childhood apraxia of speech

 speech + language therapy

Speech + Feeding Therapy

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Did you know, feeding is developmental? That means our children acquire feeding skills in a consistent, sequential order. Just like every other area of development, there are feeding milestones, and the environment in which they are developed can either facilitate or hinder our children.  
Over the years, I have provided feeding therapy to hundreds (or thousands?!-I've lost track) of children. Time and time again, parents have told me how much the information I gave them helped them with ALL of their children. I am frequently asked,  "Why isn't this information available to everyone?". Well, now it is!

I developed Functional Feeding Academy to provide ALL parents access to the most up to date, researched backed information regarding feeding. Wether you're looking for information on breastfeeding, bottle feeding, purees, baby led weaning, or help with a picky eater, Functional Feeding Academy can help. 

I help parents feel confident in every step of their feeding journey.  You have what it takes to help your child build the best foundational mealtime skills from the very beginning.  

Functional Feeding Academy

Online Education + Resources for parents.