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easily identify symptoms your child might have that are related to tongue tie + oral dysfunction

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Access everything you need to confidently guide your child through feeding development 

Maybe you want to be proactive when it comes to helping your child develop their feeding skills, or maybe you already have concerns about their feeding development...You are in the right place! YOU are the best person to support your child through their feeding journey. Functional Feeding Academy is here to help you become confident using evidence based strategies in your home mealtime routines, understand what typical feeding skill development looks like, and know when to ask for help when you have concerns about your child's feeding skills. 

A simple guide to symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for parents

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Finally! A course about tongue ties, made specifically for PARENTS.

Unraveling Tongue Ties: A Parent's Roadmap to symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

> Understand whole body symptoms at every age

>debunk common myths about tongue tie

>learn how to seek diagnosis for your child

>understand the controversy about tongue ties in the medical community  

>Learn how to build your child's treatment team with the right professionals 

>understand why surgery is not a stand alone treatment

>understand the role of each of the four treatment pillars

>Learn why YOU are the most important member of the treatment team

>treatment strategies to get you started

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