My dogs, Sadie & Jet. They are legit the best buds a girl could have!

Capturing special moments for people like you. Seriously, my job makes me so happy!

Traveling. Our recent adventure was to Rome, Italy and it was so amazing seeing that part of the world!

Kayla has completed many hours of post graduate training in the areas of pediatric feeding disorders and pediatric dysphagia. She has a speical interest in treating suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech in minimally verbal children and motor speech and feeding disorders associated with Down Syndrome. She has completed Beckman Oral Motor training, several courses form Talk Tools, and is a Hanen certified Speech Language Pathologist.  In 2018 she became a Certified Lactation Counselor in order to better serve breastfeeding dyads in her practice. She is an expert in the evaluation and treatment of infants with tethered oral tissues including lip ties, tongue ties, and buccal ties. 

Kayla earned a bachelor of arts in speech language pathology and audiology in 2011, and a masters of science in speech language pathology in 2013 from southern illinois university edwardsville. she went on in her post graduate training to become a specialist in communication disorders, pediatric feeding disorders, and oral motor treatment in infants and toddlers.

she is also a mother of a child with a pediatric feeding disorder.

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"Be messy
and complicated
and afraid
and show up anyways"

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I will never forget how I felt when I struggled to feed my baby. (loneliness, fear, lack of control)
My goal is to validate, support and empower parents. 

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My artsy side and my science-y side are in a constant battle! Many of the images on this website and my socials are my work. 

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